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It’s the beginning of a new year, and what better time to make some positive resolutions for your home and family!

New Year’s Resolutions for your home could be a wide variety of things, but here are 6 common resolutions people make that benefit both their homes and their families as they start a new year! 


Make Sure Your Home is Safe and Sound

This could be your year to put some effort into making sure that all the different safety precautions that your home should have are in place and working properly.

You want to make sure that you aren’t living with a potential fire, health, or security hazards in your home. You can do this by installing fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. You can also have your house tested for gasses like radon as well. 

You can prevent fires by making sure to empty your lint trap in your dryer after each use and by making sure your dryer vent is clear of lint as well.

Making sure that your house is up-to-date with the latest safety standards is a great resolution to start 2022 out with!

Organize Your Space

The beginning of the year is a great time to declutter your home! This is one of the easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways to make your home feel more clean and organized. 

It’s easy for your home to get cluttered and unorganized even after you put in the work to organize everything. Keeping your space organized and clean comes down to sticking to two key principles: 

  • Periodically get rid of things that you don’t use often or don’t like.
  • Work to only bring things into your home that you actually need.

If you can resolve to stick to these two key principles, you can keep your home neat and decluttered all year long!

Beautiful Young Family are Showing How to Paint Walls to Their Adorable Small Daughter. They Paint with Rollers that are Covered in Light Blue Paint. Room Renovations at Home.

Spend Some Time As a Family on Home Improvement Projects

Another great resolution for your home this year is to do some DIY projects around your home as a family! Not only will projects like this improve your home but give you a lot of quality time as a family.

These kinds of projects come in different shapes, sizes, budgets, time commitments, and experience levels. You could paint a room, start a garden, or decorate a particular part of your home together. 

The ideas for DIY home projects for your family to do together are endless!

Get Your Finances in Order

Creating a yearly budget is another great New Year’s Resolution for your home. It will help you be able to better save, avoid overspending, and you can even allocate part of the budget for improvement and maintenance projects on your home.

Sound financial health is assured when you have enough money coming in, and a budget can really help with that. It can also help relieve any stress surrounding unexpected home projects when you have money saved in the bank to help with that.

Work Out a System To Keep Your House Clean

Everyone loves living in a clean house, but keeping it clean can be a bear sometimes. 

So resolve to come up with a solid cleaning home to help you this year! You can have some daily chores, weekly chores, and monthly chores based on your home’s cleaning needs. 

A family of 4 or 5 may need to mop once a week, whereas a single person may only need to mop once a month. Just focus on how often each chore needs to be done and assign different chores to different family members. This gives everyone a feeling of responsibility, ownership, and pride in the home and helps keep the home clean much more easily.

Make Your Home More Welcoming

A great way to make spending time with friends and family easier is to make your home a cozy, welcoming space. And it’s pretty easy to do with a little rearranging and a couple of updates.

Adding a few bright pillows to a common space and laying down a new rug can make a huge difference. You can also make guest bedrooms cozy and comfortable for people staying over with warm, fuzzy throws, cushy pillows, and lovely candles.

Rearranging furniture in rooms or even between rooms can give a completely different feel to a home as well. Making your home feel more welcoming can be a very easy task or you just brainstorm a little and get creative.

What are your favorite New Year’s Resolutions for your home that you’ve made? We would love to hear about them in the comments!

Stay tuned here for more home maintenance tips and all things house-related!


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