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Your Home Is Safe In Our Hands

We Are Caretakers For Your Homes While You Are Away

Have you ever worried about the well-being of your home when you were going on a trip? Or wondered if you have taken all of the precautions needed to leave your vacation home vacant until your next trip?

Whether you are going on short-term or long-term trips, or taking leave of your vacation property, we can keep a watchful eye on your homes while you aren’t there.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about issues like burst pipes, rodents, or major appliances failing in your unattended home? Imagine being able to just come home from a long vacation and know that everything in your house is in order and ready for you to step back into regular life.

We can eliminate that stress for you by keeping an eye on your home and its general maintenance needs. Let us catch any issues for you right when they happen so they can be taken care of immediately and not cause significant damage to your home!

This counts for your vacation homes or rental properties, too. They don’t stop needing general maintenance or security just because you aren’t there. So let us keep an eye on it for you so nothing slips through the cracks.

We Are A Member Of The NHWA!


The professional expertise that you brought to the table was evident from start to finish. You were a delight to talk to, super knowledgeable, and clearly eager to help us enjoy a much-needed holiday. It was such a relief to know that you were here when we were not!”
Ken, Antrim, NH

Not Sure Where To Start With Your Home’s Maintenance?

Our partner Norway Hill Home Inspections can help you get a clear picture of your home’s maintenance needs and help you create a maintenance plan for fixing the most important things first.

Get a home inspection done by our partner Norway Hill Home Inspections today!