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Spring has officially started! With the arrival of spring comes warmer weather and longer days. It also brings a great time to start some maintenance on your home that may have gone overlooked during the winter months. Go through our checklist provided below to see what you can do to get the exterior of your home ready for spring. 

Home Exterior Spring Checklist


Take a Look at the Roof 

Winter weather can lead to potential issues for your roof. As it gets warmer you should get up on your roof and look for any missing or damaged shingles and any signs of leaking and cracks. If you find any issues that you do not feel comfortable fixing on your own, contact a professional to come out and take a look. 

Also, consider cleaning any staining and discoloration found on the roof. Most times this is simply cosmetic but if there are signs of moss this should be cleaned. A solution of equal parts bleach and water applied and left for 15 minutes will help get rid of the moss. Remember do not power wash or scrub anything off as this can damage the shingles. 



Clean the Gutters

As a normal maintenance item throughout the year you’ll want to make sure you’re gutters are clear before heavy rains start to hit in the spring. It is also important to repair any areas that appear damaged and replace areas that are beyond repair. If there are any holes in the gutters, fill those in to prevent leaks and water running where you do not want it. 

An important reminder is to have downspouts facing away from the home. This allows for proper drainage. If downspouts are not draining properly this can lead to water infiltration in the basement or other parts of the home close to the downspout. 







Inspect Any Concrete 

Concrete is known to crack, especially in areas that go through periods of freezing and thawing the way New England does. It is important to go around these areas and check for any cracking to prevent having to replace these concrete areas. Common areas with concrete include driveways, decks, foundations, and walkways. 

If any cracks are found fill them in using a silicone filler or concrete filler. Any cracks on a foundation that appear larger than normal should be inspected by a foundation specialist. These can sometimes be evidence of larger issues within the home. 




Check the Deck

As it begins to get warmer, gatherings on decks become more common. It is important that before you have large groups on the deck to make sure there are no issues with it. Inspect the deck for any water stains, discoloration, or warping. This can be a sign of weak spots on the deck. 

Check for loose or rusty nails and replace any as needed. Also make sure to secure any railings and stairs that are loose. Many of the things you should check are basic safety items to make sure nothing bad happens as the deck gets more use. If you notice anything that does not look normal and you cannot fix, bring in a contractor to take a look at it. 






Tend to Your Lawn and Landscaping 

As the snow starts to disappear it is a good time to walk around your lawn and start working on cleaning it up. Pick up any debris such as leaves and branches to get ready for mowing to start. Leaving debris on the lawn can cause issues for lawn mowers if they run it over. 

Trim any overgrowth, especially anything that has started touching the house. Any branches or plants that come into contact with a house can lead to bigger structural issues. Also take this time to tend to your lawn so it can be a healthy, green lawn in the summer. Spread seed mix and fertilizer over it to get a healthy lawn in the summer. 





This list takes you through some major items to check as the weather starts to get warmer. If you take the time now to make sure everything is functioning properly and safe it will save you money in the long run. Just as with any checklist there is always more you can do to stay on top of your home maintenance. 

Stay tuned in to our blog for other home maintenance tips and all of the home care needs you need to know! 


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