Winter Pest Prevention Checklist -

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to little footsteps scurrying around above your head? Or had an influx of bugs in your home in the wintertime? 

Just like you, pests want to be warm in the winter. And what better way to do that than become housemates with humans? Some of the most common winter pests include mice, squirrels, birds, bats, fleas, and spiders. If you haven’t taken preventative steps to stop pests from coming in, then it is likely that at some point you will have unwanted housemates. 

We’ve prepared a checklist of things you can do to prevent pests from becoming unwanted guests. Check these out and see what applies to you and your home. 


Seal Cracks and Holes

These are great spots for small rodents to get into your home. 

Pipes and utilities might not be at the top of your list to check but it is a favorite spot for mice to get in, so don’t forget to check those. Sealing them up will prevent small rodents from getting into your home. 






Store Firewood Away From Home

Small rodents and other pests love to make nests in firewood or get transported accidentally into your home. Instead of storing firewood in your home, store it somewhere 20 feet away. When bringing the wood inside always make sure you check it as well. 






Eliminate Moisture Sites 

Before things get too cold make sure to check pipes and fixtures for leaks. This is an important thing to do not just for pests, but for home maintenance in general. 

Moist sites can attract certain insects but it can also lead to serious structural problems if left alone. 




Inspect for Rodents 

Before closing things up for the winter you should go around any garages or sheds and look for signs of rodents. 

Spaces with lots of clutter are like heaven for rodents so try to declutter these areas to take away potential nesting and hiding spots. 




Keep Up With Landscaping 

Keeping branches and plants from coming into contact with the home is important for preventing pests. 


You should be checking for branches and plants all throughout the year because it is a great way for pests any time of year to get access to the house. 






Store Food Properly

Just like warmer times of the year, it is important to keep food closed up and stored properly. 

In the winter pests want to be warm and have easy access to food. If food is left out and not put away correctly this is a welcoming invitation for pests to become housemates. 




If you went through this checklist and pests still became your housemates, hire a professional to come out and remove them. If you want to implement more preventative measures don’t be afraid to expand on this list! 

Stay tuned in to our blog for other home maintenance tips and all of the home care needs you need to know!





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