6 Security Tips for When You Are Away -

Going on vacation and getting away from your home can be a great way to destress and relax. It’s a time when you shouldn’t have to worry about your home or what could be happening at it while you are away. Unfortunately, home break-ins are becoming more and more common when people leave their homes unattended. 

We have compiled a list of 6 tips you can use to add another level of protection to your home while you are away. Most focus on how to prevent break-ins but some also help you prepare for possible damage to your home. Read through the list below and see what you can implement the next time you go on vacation. 

6 Security Tips for When You Are Away 

Lock Any Doors, Windows, and Garages

This may seem like a fairly straightforward tip but when you are rushing around trying to leave the house these can sometimes be overlooked. Take the time before you leave to double-check that everything is locked up. Doors and windows will be one of the first things potential burglars check, so make sure these are not easy access points for them. 

Garages are another area that should be locked up even if it does not give access to the home. There is almost always something important or expensive kept in a garage so even if someone can’t get into the house from the garage there is still a chance of things being stolen. Just like with windows and doors double-check before you leave to make your garage is locked. 


Alert Your Alarm Company

If you already have a home security system it is important that you let the company know you are leaving. Tell them the day you plan to leave and the day you plan to return. This will prepare them if something should happen at the home when you are away. 

Just like with windows and doors, make sure you properly set your alarm before leaving. It won’t do you any good if you forget to do this. Also, see if your system allows you to monitor your home from an app on your phone. This can be a good piece of mind for you while you are away. 


Set Timers on Interior Lights 

A dead giveaway that no one is home is having no lights on in the house. Many burglars will keep an eye on a property to make sure that no one is home before attempting to break in. Purchasing timers to connect to interior lights can allow you to turn lights on at a time you choose. This is a good way to deter burglars since it will make the house seem occupied. 

Also, consider buying motion sensor lights for the outside of your home. They will stay off until someone walks by them and then they will turn on. This is another way for it to seem like someone is home while you are actually away. 


Be Careful With What You Share on Social Media

When you go on vacation it can be tempting to share where you are and what you are doing. By doing this you are alerting potential burglars to an unoccupied house. Instead of posting while you are away wait until you get home to post. If it is something that you can’t wait to post make sure you disable geotagging on your posts so people don’t know where you are. Also, change your settings to private so it is only friends and family who can see what you are posting. Don’t take the risk of getting your home broken into just to post what you are doing. 


Remove Your Spare Key 

Having a spare key hidden somewhere outside your home can be a good thing to have when you are at the home frequently. However, once you’ve left for vacation they can prove to do more harm than good. A seasoned burglar will know where every potential hiding spot is for a spare key. Even if you think you found the best spot they will most likely find it too. Instead, give the key to a trusted neighbor or friend to hold on to. This way you know exactly who has the key and they can give it to people you tell them to. Burglars will have a much harder time breaking in without that key. 



Unplug all Appliances

This final tip does not have to do with protecting your homes from break-ins but protecting your home from fires. You never know what could happen at your home when you are gone so it’s important to lessen the threats before you leave. Before you leave unplug all appliances that are able to be unplugged. These can include TVs, computers, coffee makers, and lamps. Unplugging these will lessen the chance of electrical fires or power surges. Even though these have been unplugged make sure any smoke detectors you have are still working. You never know what could happen when you leave. 

It’s not fun to think about having your home broken into or damaged while you are away but it’s even less fun when it actually happens. Using these tips can lessen that possibility greatly. If you are still concerned about these things happening consider hiring a home watch service, like Homestead Property Watch, to give you some peace of mind while you are away. 


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